The Yellow Tulip

"The Yellow Tulip" is a tavern, know before The Great Migration as "The Yellow Rose". Here "folks gather around to drink and complain".

Location Edit


The entrance to The Yellow Tulip

The Yellow Tulip is located in Level 1, The Human Outpost, at the end of a tunnel starting from the outpost (near The Door to the Outside World).

Connections Edit

Behind the password protected door there are some stairs, guarded by an Ylside, which lead to The Temple of Akbaa.

Characters Edit

  •  Tizzy - The owner and the bartender of the bar.
  •  Enoil Calpale - Sits at a table on the first floor, in front of the stairs. 

Items Edit

  • Bottles of Wine behind the counter (considered stolen if taken), 1 on Enoil's table.
  • 2 Bread behind the counter (considered stolen).
  • 4 Cheese behind the counte (considered stolen).

Specials Edit

  • You can buy beer from the bartender for 2 gold coins or wine from the barrel next to the bartender for 10 gold coins.

Quests Edit


 On the wall at the left of Enoil there is an inscription that starts the quest A Treasure Hunt.