Arx Fatalis Communities Edit

  • TTLG Forums: Click here . Through the Looking Glass Forums, a place where you can talk about Arx.
  • Official Arx Fatalis Forums: Click here . 
  • Steam Arx Fatalis Forums: Click here.
  • GoG Arx Fatalis Forums: Click here.
  • Arx Fatalis Wikipedia Page: Click here .
  • Arx Fatalis Online: The original site is no longer online, but you can view a copy of it here.
  • Arx Fatalis on RPGDot: The original site is no longer online, but you can view a copy of it here.
  • Stygian Abyss Fan Site: The original site is no longer online, but you can view a copy of it here .

Mods Edit

  • Arx Libertatis: Click here .
  • Arx End of Sun: Click here . This is a a totally different game, but is based on Arx Fatalis story, using the Doom 3 Engine. Also on Twitter .
  • Arx Catalyst: Click here . This is a totally different game, featuring Kultar, part of the Travelers Guild, one of the travelers of the outside world.
  • Arx Fatalis Bug Fix: Click here . Arx Fatalis Bug Fixes based on the realeased Source Code.
  • Enchant and Balance Mod: Click here . This is a mod created by ArxDave93 (TTLG Forums name), with the purpose to balance the game.

Helpers Edit

  • Arx Walkthrough: Click here . This is a walkthrough for Arx Fatalis, using the "Darkside" way.
  • Arx Fatalis Walkthrough (in French): Click here .
  • Arx Fatalis Encyclopedia (in French): Click here .
  • Arx Fatalis Secret Runes: Click here .
  • Arx Fatalis Manual: Click here .
  • Arx Fatalis FAQ and Troubleshooting: Click here .

Files Edit

  • White Objects Texture Fix: Click here . Try this if you encounter the "White Objects" problem. Usually it should be fixed with the 1.21 Patch .
  • Patch 1.21 and Source Code: Click here . This is the last Official Patch that Arkane Studios released plus the Source Code.
  • ArxPak program: Click here . Download the ArxPak. This program allows you to extract and modify Arx Fatalis files, like textures and sounds.
  • ArxPak version 5.0.8: Click here . Unlike the other version, with this you can also have a view over the maps (levels).
  • DaNAE Editor: Click here . For some documentation and help with using it click here (in russian). For a translated version click here (Google translate, so it is not 100% accurate)
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