There are many unique types of races in Arx Fatalis, each with it's own look, skills and personalities. Some may attack on sight, while others are social and may even offer their help.

Descriptions taken from the Official Arx Fatalis Manual


In days of old, the goblins had the largest population of all races – more due to their extreme fertility than planning. Despite their huge numbers, however, they never managed to establish a kingdom on the surface. Goblins speak a simple language that is quite simliar to the human tongue. They are not the friendliest species, and often spend most of their time looking to pick a fight. Only during the time of the golden pact were the Goblins in any way loyal to humans, and for a short time, they supressed their aggressive nature and helped create the underground kingdom. Goblins control the extremely important jewel supply – which is actually rather strange, since they are by nature lazy and most certainly do not mine the stones themselves. To this day, however, no-one has uncovered their secret…


A troll is indeed an imposing sight, and a sight best viewed from a safe distance. Their huge size and immense strength are enough to frighten not only small children, but scare grown men. Despite their physical attributes, they are not particularly aggressive, at least as long as they are not provoked. Their simple intellect won’t win a battle of wits, but is enough let them survive. Mostly, their thoughts center on two topics: Sleep and Food.

The Sisters of EdurneumEdit

The origins of the Sisters of Edurneum are another great mystery. They appear to be a cross between women and huge snakes. Their skin is covered in scales, and there does not appear to be any male of their species – how they reproduce will likely remain a mystery and subject of much discussion. According to many tales, the Sisters were instrumental in the discovery of magic, which would explain why they are thought by many to be the most skilled in the use of spells and runes. The sisters of Edurneum are close to the humans, and were of great help during the migration underground – they even created plants that grow without sunlight and can be used for food.


The exact origin of this species is unknown and in general, not much is known about this strange race. The main reasons may be that the Rat-men have always kept their contact with other races to minimum, and that they have always lived in the subterranean caverns, even when others were prospering on the surface. Rat-men are very intelligent and a worthy opponent in battle. They are quick and extremely devious, and are considered by most to be the best assassins.

Zombies Edit

Recently, there have been increased sightings of undead walking the crypt, where the human inhabitants of Arx bury their dead. No one knows who has magically resurrected these corpses, nor why. They are slow, and do not cause much damage, but being dead they are by nature very hard to kill: As soon as they are slain, they rise again. Only one method of stopping such a creature and setting the trapped soul free is known: A wooden stake through the monster’s heart.

Mummies Edit

Like the undead, mummies are creatures that have been awakened from the sleep of the dead by magic. Unlike other undead, however, they are easily defeated with conventional weapons. What makes them more dangerous is their ability to paralise an attacker…

Liches Edit

These enemies are as dangerous as they are rare; they are the most powerful of the undead creatures, and can summon other undead. They command powerful spells, and are very hard to kill. Liches often appear in special places and guard mysterious artifacts.

Golems Edit

Golems are brought to life by magic, and can consist of different materials, such as clay or iron. To create a golem, a golem heart is placed on a pile of clay or a lump of iron and brought to life by magic incantation. It is said that golem hearts also have other magical properties.

Demons Edit

Demons come from another dimension. They are usually quite powerful, and are brought into the world of Arx by magic. Demons come in all shapes and sizes, and because they vary so much in appearance and power, very little is known about them. One thing, however, is certain: They cannot remain in Arx for very long, since it requires immense amounts of mana to summon a demon and manifest him in our dimension.

The Giant Worm Edit

Legends tell of huge, worm-like creatures that exist only in the deepest depths of the subterranean world, and can devour a man with a single bite. And not only are they supposed to be gigantic, but also very hard to kill.

The Ice Dragon Edit

Mythical creatures from a long-ago age. Hardly anything is known about dragons, although supposedly some scholars have determined that every dragon has the same number of scales – exactly 4815. Why? Who knows…

Rats Edit

One of the most common animals to be found in the caverns of Arx is rats. These rats are somewhat bigger than you may be used to, however, and an unwary traveler can be seriously injured by these rodents – especially if said traveller is not wearing any armour or protection. However, rats have also provided many a wary traveller with an unexpected addition to their diet. Supposedly, roasted rat ribs are considered a delicacy.

Spiders Edit

Spiders are extremely aggressive and will attack as soon as they see an enemy. There are various types of spider that can be distinguished by their markings and colouring. They will often attack in groups, which usually consist of an older specimen and many younger ones. A spider’s bite is particularly dangerous, as they inject a potent poison into their victim – if not enough time is spent resting, or no potion is used as an antidote, even a strong and healthy human can be killed by such a bite.

Bats Edit

A cave wouldn’t be a cave without bats. These winged mammals are often encountered in dark corridors and caverns. Many are aggressive and will attack anything that moves. They are small and fast, making them very hard to hit. Keep on your toes.
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