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Welcome! Here you will find information related to Arx Fatalis. This wiki is still under construction.

A few words from the developersEdit

Arx Fatalis has been dear to our hearts for many years. It was the project that inspired us to found Arkane Studios. Arx was not created solely to make us a lot of money, it was created because we are gamers and have a genuine passion for games that carry us off into dreams of lost worlds. As far as the philosophy of the game is concerned, we see Arx Fatalis as a profound role playing adventure. So lean back, relax, and start exploring the world of Arx Fatalis – and don’t forget to take the time to experiment. Arx Fatalis is full of surprises, both small and large, that are just waiting to be discovered. We hope that you enjoy the world of Arx – we put our hearts, minds and a lot of work into its creation.

“The Team”